The Ahnenerbe Café

Adventures in Lialda
Session 1

The adventure began in the Ahnenerbe Cafe, all of the party entered in to the cafe one by one. I-O went around to most everyone asking whether they had seen his sister. After finding out that no one had seen her, he went over to the job board and inspected the jobs available. I-O pulled a job request from the board and the cafe itself began to spin. The cafe teleported to a different land. The job request reads “Help! I’m trapped by an evil Goblin King!” A young girl entered into the cafe asking about who accepted her job request. She shared with the group that the request was a lie and instead goblin hordes invade the town nightly.

The group arrived into the town of Lialda and notice that the town doesn’t seem to be in the state that the girl described. After asking around, the group learned that Gublin run through town nightly and not always from the same direction. The group decided to wait until nightfall to follow the gublin. While in town, Doyle meditated at the church. Cor attempted meditation with his deity on the porch of the general store, attempting to discern his true purpose for being involved. His training as a farmer seemingly did not prepare him for this. I-O went to the school and learned about the culture and history of the people. Jiro talked with the blacksmith, and the town hall representative (of the autonomous collective for this week) to journey over to the school to hear that the earth is round. This was a surprising contrast to the teaching of his ancestors.

As evening fell, Jiro and Doyle sat and had tea in the center of town, joined by Tate after finally waking from his stay within the Cafe. I-O collected the historical information (History Book, writing utensils, and the globe) (Paying 3 gold in their place) and took position as a sentry on one of the more sturdy roofs in the center of town.

The gublin rampaged their way into town and chaos ensued. In short, the goblins were knocked unconscious and a Spirit Bubble became attached to Jiro (Who knocked out most of the gublin)

The gublin were questioned, then released to go their separate ways (still searching for the spirit bubble) and the group returned to the cafe. While in the Cafe, Chaos described the Spirit Bubble and told us that a Spirit Bubble is a part of an Archangel. If 7 Spirit Bubbles from the same angel combine together, the angel reforms and will grant one wish. He also suspected that the gublin were sent by someone, but didn’t share names.

Chaos told the group that the gathering of the spirit bubbles must be why the Cafe itself has gathered us all here. Doyle acknowledged this and went over to the job board and grabbed the job request “Missing Person. Please Help!”

The Cafe began to spin once again.


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