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  • Gublin

    These goblinoid creatures were bent on chasing after the Spirit Bubble. They were not very bright creatures, and pretty fragile in body. They were sent in different directions upon release, however it is suspected that they were under another's influence.

  • Spirit Bubble

    [[File:684290 | class=media-item-align-none | Dango.png]] Spirit Bubbles are parts of an Archangel's being. When combined together, seven Spirit Bubbles reform the Archangel. When the Archangel reforms, it is said that they will grant one wish to …

  • Archangel

    Being who serve the Deities of Good. When they die, they split into 7 Spirit Bubbles which are cast throughout space and time. They can be reformed through the process of reuniting all of the Spirit Bubbles. When they are reformed, they can grant the …

  • Vampire

    Vampires, native to Crysta apparently drink blood, with preferences to humans. They also can be outfitted with cybernetic technology with the ability to cast electrical magic. Further study is needed in order to determine whether there are other elemental …

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