The Ahnenerbe Café

Chaos in the Square

The battle resumed with IO quickly teleporting through the mist to the top of the statue in the fount of the middle of the square. His Grig burst out the mist cackling, claiming to be the witch and cast entangle on the crowd. This in turn caused mass panic among the crowd and entrapped the rest of the party in the weeds.

Tate in heroic fashion, directs the majority of the crowd away from the square, chasing the Grig that transforms into a half sized version of IO. Meanwhile Jiro and Cor continue to be bound by the weeds.

IO falls once again, however this time into the water below making himself appear more bloodied. With a great splash, his location is immediately revealed to the rest of the crowd in the area, as they rush the fountain. With the fog gone, the crowd bravely strikes at IO while submerged beneath the waters. They then pull him out to check for signs of life. IO manages to bluff them into thinking he is dead. Jiro knowing there was nothing more he could do, slips away in the crowd to live another day.

The crowd begins to celebrate. There is shouting in the streets, until that one guy calls out for people to bring out their tar. It is at this point that IO masks casting another spell. This time a bloody skeleton appears to come out of IO, causing the guy carrying him to drop him and run. The skeleton granted the ability to speak, cries out “do not touch the body, or else you’ll suffer the same fate as me”. The remainder of the crowd is frightened and flees as quickly as possible. One lone man doesn’t believe the skeleton and steps forward to defeat the undead.

Cor steps up as “a man of faith” to properly dispose of the body. Quickly dispelling the skeleton with ease. The lone man stands up against him, claiming to be a “good Christian man” noting that Cor’s God was not recognized in this place. Cor claims the power of his God, and uses his natural ability to force the guy to dance away.

The Requiem of the Wizard

After resting up from the last adventure, the party met up once again within the Café. The windows were covered by a dense fog. One immediate insight IO discovered while Tate explored the fog, was the change to the job board. The jobs were now blank. Chaos theorized that the job board was beginning to manifest powers based on the current Spirit Bubbles that reside within the Café. IO attempted to write on the blank pages decorating the board. However any mark made on them disappeared whether by IO or Jiro.

IO then decided to grab the one he wrote on, hoping for the quest he wrote to come true, however the job was much different than previous requests.

The job read,

“Where there was once peace there is war,
We were one now we are four
noble servants come save us all
Our king has taken a deathly fall”

The Café began to spin as per normal, however it arrived to great shouting and mass hysteria. When the door was opened, flashes of people raced past, all armed with simple weapons. One unique feature about this crowd was the overwhelming unity of the color green.

Upon arrival, Chaos was questioned as to our location. He got up and looked around out the door and promptly christened the cobblestone town as “Here”

Tate, thinking quickly, sprang into action, and grabbed a passerby, since “that’s what heroes do”. The first shared that it the greens were fighting the reds before slipping back into the crowd. Not to be deterred, Tate grabbed another and was able to obtain more information.

The man after wetting his appetite on Tea (he was a lightweight) shared that the green and red mobs are both different factions believing the kingdom needed to be under new political management since the passing of the king. The greens believe that a representative democracy would be best for the people, while the reds believe that Oligarchy defines the country and the direction it needs.

Masses of humanity continued to pour down the main street and the man having finished his tea, disappeared into the mix. While this happened, IO and Jiro climbed the Café’s spiral staircase to the roof above the second floor dormitories, looking out above the crowd in an attempt to anticipate the next move. Unable to determine the state of the city, they joined in with the masses, working their way toward the front of the crowd.

When they arrived they saw the gathering of both green and red masses, squaring off shouting insults over a small divide between the two mobs. IO quickly assessed the situation, and determined that peace needed to be made. He quickly ran into the center of town with Jiro following. On the way, the two looked for a place to get above the crowd. They noticed a building with people in white. After interacting with them, the white seemed to be attached to people of the former king’s guard.

With this knowledge, IO quickly made his way into the center of town and continue to search for a place to get above the crowd. After some time, he climbed a greco-roman styled fountain rising to about 15ft in the air.

He called out to the people attempting to bring peace claiming to be sent by Fate itself. They wouldn’t recognize him, so he created an image of an angel and had it descend onto him, trying to gain authority from a higher power. Tate attempted to act in place of the people and the people continued to ignore them, until IO slipped from the statue. He reacted to falling by teleporting slightly. This triggered an outcry from the people. They shouted “HE’S A WITCH

The crowd’s mentality switched and began to assault the wizard, working together to take out the magic user. The party managed to work its way to the front of the crowd, and attempted to fake attacks on IO in order to appease the crowd. However the crowd continued to press in against them. Cor decided that what the situation needed was fog, to help IO escape. However, blows continued to rain in. IO attempted to play off of the blow that Tate lands to have his summon monster, Grig, appear to come out of the wound. However the crowd didn’t buy it. Cor attempts to help by attempting to knock IO unconscious by summoning lightning from the heavens, however his aim wasn’t true, and struck one of the villagers, angering them further. Tate attempts to drag IO away on his shoulder, however, be slips and drops IO, causing IO to flinch in pain, and the villagers didn’t by the bluff.


Terror in the Big City
Session 2

The Cafe continued to spin, food flying everywhere. Curry splattered across Cor and Doyle’s faces. The Cafe came to an abrupt stop. Doyle crashed into a wall unconscious. Cor quickly cleaned up, and the party looked outside.

The city around them was comprised of massive buildings made of metal, like our weapons. The roads were made of a smooth rock that seemed to never end. The buildings radiated with luminescence, brightening the roads enough to be able to see, but dark enough to cast long shadows throughout the city.

Chaos explained further that the Spirit Bubbles were connected to the people in need as well as the Cafe. The Cafe seemed to be connected to fate itself. It went largely over the party’s head in terms of understanding.

The party exited the Cafe and knocked on the nearest door. There was no response. The party asked the Spirit Bubble to guide them. The Spirit Bubble attempted to shrug and trilled out its usual “Quee – Quee”. The party split slightly to explore the new territory. Tate ran around one of the buildings stumbling upon the party once again. After some confusion arose of there being a second party as well as Jiro not speaking Western Gnomatic, suddenly sounds like foot steps running sounded from the east.

The party chased after the sounds as they moved throughout the city. Jiro came up with the idea to “suu-round” them. With Jiro and Cor moving to flank the sounds, I-O directs Tate to find the “other party” on the far side of the search area. Tate immediately charges there to stumble across two law enforcement officers finding him unknowingly breaking curfew.

Cor finds Tate with the officers and their weapons drawn. The two continue to direct them to the rest of the party. Some confusion ensues and Tate ends up unconsious due to the gun of one of the officers. The officers explain to the group that they are now in the city of Crysta. They explain the situation to be more pressing than describe in the job posting. They claim the city’s law enforcement, CLEO, has been effectively eliminated by one man over the past year or so. This man has been making the officers disappear one by one, and now the two of them are left. They ask for assistance in stopping this man, Ardus, who they claim is a cyborg or “Wizard” with electrical powers.

Tate awakes from his slumber and is informed that he won a fight with a terrifying monster, but as a result of his win, he fell unconscious and lost his memory of the event. He is also convinced that the fallen police officers will join in the assault on the crystal and charged off to find and stop them. The two officers, Julius and Tonya, direct the rest of the party to the building that contains the crystal that seems to be the prize that Ardus has been seeking for some time. The building happens to be CLEO headquarters.

Julius directs the group through the building explaining further that Ardus’ intentions are to take the crystal for himself. This crystal is what keeps the city of Crysta running and without the crystal, the city itself would fall into ruin. It is the power for the governing central system and is essential for life in Crysta. They know tonight is the night that he would come. Julius direct the group into a supply closet where a hidden door is activated for the group to enter into the room where the crystal is stored. I-O grabbed some supplies as the group went.

The group enters into a large room (100ft x 100ft x 40ft) with the “crystal” in middle of room. The crystal seems to a large liquid flowing with electricity in a test tube structure in the middle of mechanical monstrosity.

Suddenly, a voice sprang out from the other side of the room. Descending with bat-like wings, a red shirt, flowing long coat, a man flew down onto a catwalk on the other side of the crystal from the party. He introduced himself as Ardus, and boasted in his assured victory.

Cor initiated conversation with him, distracting the electric vampire while party worked on getting into place. Jiro snaked along the right, whileI-O flanked the right. About halfway through the conversation, Ardus began to monologue about his need for absolute power obtained through his elimination of CLEO and taking the crystal. Cor debated this point with him until they reached a point about dominance over animals. Ardus claimed his superiority over them, andI-O noticed an opportunity to prove him wrong. I-O used his magic to summon the Eagle to show just how wrong Ardus was in his dominance. This action triggered Ardus to fly into a frenzy, striking Cor into the wall.

Ardus quickly fell to the might of the Eagle and Jiro’s blade with assistance from Julius and Tonya. Jiro’s blunt edge of his mighty blade knocked out Ardus. I-O attempted to be clever and use the “tape” he found in the offices above to tie up Ardus, however he broke out of it with ease.

It was at this moment the crystal behind everyone began to crackle with energy. In a fury of electrical sparks from the top of the crystal, a Spirit Bubble emerged. This Spirit Bubble was red with slanted eyes. The second Bubble and the one resting on Jiro’s shoulder teamed up and threw the electric vampire cyborg into the crystal itself. Screams bellowed out from the crystal until it gradually grew quiet.

Julius passed out from the overwhelming shock of the abilities of the outsiders around him. As he did, the Cafe appeared as if it was falling through the ceiling. When it did, the front door opened and Chaos greeted everyone. Tonya and Chaos recognized each other and talked about her posting. She shared that she knew about the Cafe and posted the message as an attempt to limit the damage of the day’s events. She knew that CLEO would have died had Julius and her been by themselves.

After the party said their good-byes. the door to the Cafe closed, as they were greeted by Tate at the bar and a still unconscious Doyle.

Adventures in Lialda
Session 1

The adventure began in the Ahnenerbe Cafe, all of the party entered in to the cafe one by one. I-O went around to most everyone asking whether they had seen his sister. After finding out that no one had seen her, he went over to the job board and inspected the jobs available. I-O pulled a job request from the board and the cafe itself began to spin. The cafe teleported to a different land. The job request reads “Help! I’m trapped by an evil Goblin King!” A young girl entered into the cafe asking about who accepted her job request. She shared with the group that the request was a lie and instead goblin hordes invade the town nightly.

The group arrived into the town of Lialda and notice that the town doesn’t seem to be in the state that the girl described. After asking around, the group learned that Gublin run through town nightly and not always from the same direction. The group decided to wait until nightfall to follow the gublin. While in town, Doyle meditated at the church. Cor attempted meditation with his deity on the porch of the general store, attempting to discern his true purpose for being involved. His training as a farmer seemingly did not prepare him for this. I-O went to the school and learned about the culture and history of the people. Jiro talked with the blacksmith, and the town hall representative (of the autonomous collective for this week) to journey over to the school to hear that the earth is round. This was a surprising contrast to the teaching of his ancestors.

As evening fell, Jiro and Doyle sat and had tea in the center of town, joined by Tate after finally waking from his stay within the Cafe. I-O collected the historical information (History Book, writing utensils, and the globe) (Paying 3 gold in their place) and took position as a sentry on one of the more sturdy roofs in the center of town.

The gublin rampaged their way into town and chaos ensued. In short, the goblins were knocked unconscious and a Spirit Bubble became attached to Jiro (Who knocked out most of the gublin)

The gublin were questioned, then released to go their separate ways (still searching for the spirit bubble) and the group returned to the cafe. While in the Cafe, Chaos described the Spirit Bubble and told us that a Spirit Bubble is a part of an Archangel. If 7 Spirit Bubbles from the same angel combine together, the angel reforms and will grant one wish. He also suspected that the gublin were sent by someone, but didn’t share names.

Chaos told the group that the gathering of the spirit bubbles must be why the Cafe itself has gathered us all here. Doyle acknowledged this and went over to the job board and grabbed the job request “Missing Person. Please Help!”

The Cafe began to spin once again.


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