The Ahnenerbe Café

Chaos in the Square

The battle resumed with IO quickly teleporting through the mist to the top of the statue in the fount of the middle of the square. His Grig burst out the mist cackling, claiming to be the witch and cast entangle on the crowd. This in turn caused mass panic among the crowd and entrapped the rest of the party in the weeds.

Tate in heroic fashion, directs the majority of the crowd away from the square, chasing the Grig that transforms into a half sized version of IO. Meanwhile Jiro and Cor continue to be bound by the weeds.

IO falls once again, however this time into the water below making himself appear more bloodied. With a great splash, his location is immediately revealed to the rest of the crowd in the area, as they rush the fountain. With the fog gone, the crowd bravely strikes at IO while submerged beneath the waters. They then pull him out to check for signs of life. IO manages to bluff them into thinking he is dead. Jiro knowing there was nothing more he could do, slips away in the crowd to live another day.

The crowd begins to celebrate. There is shouting in the streets, until that one guy calls out for people to bring out their tar. It is at this point that IO masks casting another spell. This time a bloody skeleton appears to come out of IO, causing the guy carrying him to drop him and run. The skeleton granted the ability to speak, cries out “do not touch the body, or else you’ll suffer the same fate as me”. The remainder of the crowd is frightened and flees as quickly as possible. One lone man doesn’t believe the skeleton and steps forward to defeat the undead.

Cor steps up as “a man of faith” to properly dispose of the body. Quickly dispelling the skeleton with ease. The lone man stands up against him, claiming to be a “good Christian man” noting that Cor’s God was not recognized in this place. Cor claims the power of his God, and uses his natural ability to force the guy to dance away.



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