The Ahnenerbe


The Ahnenerbe is a café and coffee shop which serves as the starting point for the campaign. It is run by the Neco, who work as servers, cooks and entertainers. The name “Ahnenerbe” translates as “Ancestors’ Heritage.”

The Nazis appropriated the name during the 1930s and 40s for their pseudoscience think tank and were promptly sued for copyright infringement. The suit was never taken to court as the Nazis were too busy getting their asses kicked and the think tank was disestablished.


The Ahnenerbe is a small brick building decorated on the inside with wood paneling. It has a fully-stocked bar and several wooden tables and chairs for patrons. It is dimly lit, especially in the evening, by hanging lights. Hidden away is a spiral staircase that leads to a second floor inn styled bedroom set, finally ending at the roof.


The cafe was originally constructed on lay lines and it has the ability to move freely within time and space. When inside, adventurers observe time passing normally. However, outside the restaurant, time may be moving faster, slower, backward or not at all. These abilities are controlled entirely by the cafe, not by the Neco. They are just along for the ride.


The café serves coffee and an assortment of teas. It also serves various desserts, including a famous raspberry pie. It also serves entreés, including a pork curry.

The Ahnenerbe

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